Administrative Assistant Program



Program Description


With the rapid economic development and increasingly clear social division of labor, the development of every enterprise can not be separated from its efficient and stable internal administrative support. Specialized division of labor requires that administrative practitioners have more specialized skills. Excellent executives need to have the ability to handle a large number of daily administrative tasks for each department. They also need to solve complex and complicated problems in a high-speed and high-pressure work environment. In addition, with the rapid development of information technology, office automation skills are also Executives have to master.


Global Education has been successfully collaborating with UCN for several executive assistant professional courses since 2016. At the beginning of 2018, the new Executive Assistant Professional Program with Global PVI Qualification will set sail again. We are not afraid of challenges and are looking forward to having a career full of growth. Sign up now.


Entrance Requirements


Applicants must have:

  • A High School Diploma or equivalent is required.

Program Content

Administrative assistant training can equip you with the professional skills needed to become an invaluable member of an organization. You will learn how to keep an office running in an organized and efficient manner.


The main focus of most administrative assistant training is on current office technology, usually Microsoft Office. It is important to develop skill in this area so you can assist with business correspondence and prepare documents, reports, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.


Formal training at a business college or secretarial school can offer you a variety of clerical and office skills. You will find this to be valuable because your role can vary based on the type of organization you work with. You could take care of anything from scheduling appointments and checking emails to conducting research and training employees.


Length: 8 months


Intakes: January, May, September



Course Name





Administrative Procedures 80 20 0 100 hours
Human Relations 70 30 0 100 hours
Accounting Principles 80 20 0 100 hours
Accounting Application Software 10 110 0 120 hours
Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 20 80 0 100 hours
Microsoft Word Level 1 and Outlook 10 90 0 100 hours
Microsoft Word Level 2 30 70 0 100 hours
Work Practicum 0 0 180 180 hours


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